Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of the most common questions.

Can we have 2 account admins?

No, Only 1 account admin currently available.

For further details you can contact admin.

Yes, admin can send the invitation link multiple times to the same user only when the user has not accepted the invitation link. If, the user has accepted the invitation, invitation link cannot be sent to the user. Instead he can directly login or use forget password to change his password and login.

The invitation link would be valid for 1 day. If the link has expired. Contact admin to resend the invitation link to access the platform.

What will happen when I enter a wrong email address and if the invite is being received by the user?

The user would have received the mail, but when the admin clicks on cancel the link would automatically expire and the user would not be able to access the link further.

What happens if the wrong email user has accepted the invitation?

Raise a request to admin to delete the user permanently from the platform.

Can I transfer assets to user in another organization?

No, Admin can only transfer assets inside the same organization. If you want to transfer to another user, admin will have to invite the user to the organization and then continue with transfer.

Can the deleted user assets be recovered?

No, You will have to contact admin for further details.

If total seats have been given at the start can we assign seats later also?

Yes, seats can be assigned to the user later.

Can super admin change the requested seats number?

Yes, the super admin can change the requested seats from the org admin.

Can we make multiple user as organization admin?

Yes, multiple user can be made as organization admin. If the user is inside the same organization.

Can we make the same user as org admin to different organization?

Yes, same user can be made as org admin to different organization.

Can we add multiple super admins?

Yes, multiple super admins can be added.

Does super admin require seats?

No, the super admin will not require seats. But the super admin will not be part of any organization and he will not be able to have access to the applications.

How many times the organization assets can be downloaded?

The organization assets can be downloaded only by super admin and all super admin can download the assets multiple times. The link would be valid for 7 days.

Can account admin be deleted?

No, account admin cannot be deleted.

Can organization admin delete a user from the platform?

Yes, organization admin can invite and delete users inside the platform.

Can we change the users plan for storage after the user has requested?

Yes, the org admin can change the storage plan requested by the user.

Can we add users to group from other organization?

No, users can be added only from the same organization to the group.

Can we add the same user to different groups?

Yes, same user can be added to different groups.

Can a user be made as a group admin?

No, user cannot be made as a group admin. Only org admins can be a group admin.

Can we upgrade a plan?

Yes, the upgrade of plan can be done by the super admin.

can we downgrade a plan?

No, downgrade of plan is not possible currently. We will add them in further updates.

After the expiry of my subscription what happens?

After the expiry of the subscription. You need to subscribe to the plan. The assets will not be deleted.

Why does my subscription plan show more price than the subscribed plan?

Check with seats and storage purchase being done for the previous month.

If the problem is still not resolved contact admin for further details.

What is the trial period for a new account?

The trail period of the new account is valid for 30 days.

What to do about unexpected charges from kandula?

When you see unexpected charges from Kandula in a monthly statement from your bank, credit card, or any other payment provider, we want to help you resolve your question as quickly as possible. Before seeking further info or help, take these steps to compare the unexpected charges to your kandula payment history.

  1. Check if other super admin has purchased a seat or storage.
  2. Check if any add ons are being purchased.

Will i get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

No, if the subscription is being cancelled you will not get a refund. But you will be able to continue using the service till the subscription expire. You will be able to receive them as non-refundable credits. which can be used in the app for other purchases.

What will happen if the payment is not being linked and if the subscription is active?

The subscription will be active till the expiration date and the following month the subscription would be expired and your team will not be able to use the application.

Can I download the assets after the subscription expired?

No, the assets can be downloaded only when the subscription is in active status.

what is the maximum seats in enterprise plan?

There is no limit for entreprise plan. You can purchase as much as seats required.

What happens to my files if I go over my storage limit?

If you go over your storage limit, you won't lose anything. However, you won’t be able to store new files in onestore.

Can I get an annual plan?

No, currently annual plan is not supported in our platform.


Is there a separate storage for each organization?

Yes, 30GB storage will be given for each organization the user is present in.

Can we directly add photos to dataset?

No, the images cannot be diectly added to the dataset. First the images has to be uploaded in the onestore. Then the images should be added to collection to be used in the dataset.

Is there any solution to delete images from collection when images used in dataset?

No, the images cannot be deleted once the images being used in the dataset.

To delete the images in dataset, you should manually delete the images from dataset to remove the images from collection.

How many collection and datsets can be created?

There is no limitation for collection and datasets to be created. Unlimited collection and datasets can be created in one organization.

Can we share dataset across organization?

No, the datasets cannot be shared across organization.

Already existing images can we add the same image to same dataset?

No, If the images already exist in the dataset same images cannot be added to the same dataset. But the same images can be used in other dataset.

Can we have same name for multiple folders?

No, All the folders in collection, dataset, clipper and swell should be unique inside the organization. But can have same name across organization.

Can a user share a collection?

No, user cannot share collection. Only datasets can be shared.

Can we allow special characters to folders?

No, special characters will not be allowed to use to the folders.

Can we download a collection?

No, collection cannot be downloaded. Only datasets can be downloaded.

what is the minimum or maximum labels allowed in a single dataset?

There is no limitation for labels in a dataset. And inside each label there can be n number of images.

Can the untagged label be deleted?

No, untagged label cannot be deleted. Untagged label is a default label which will be present in all dataset types.

Can we have multiple labels in the same image?

Yes, multiple labelling is possible only in object detection and segmentation. Whereas in classification only one label can be assigned to the image.

Can we track the images used in datasets?

Yes, lineage functionality helps in tracking the image being used in dataset. And the dataset name will also be displayed.

Can different dataset have the same image using different labels?

Yes, Images and labels should be unique within the respective dataset folder. It doesn't affect other datasets.

What is the minimum images for train button to be enabled?

Minimum of 15 images in each label to be labelled for train button to be enabled.

What images will be used for detecting the trained dataset?

The untagged images will be used for detecting the trained dataset.

Can we rename the label?

Yes, renaming the label can be done using the reference link.

Can we delete a collection?

Yes, collection can be deleted when no images inside the collection are being used in any datasets.

can we delete a dataset?

Yes, dataset can be deleted. They should not have any dependency with onestore and collection.

Can polygon be used in object detection dataset?

No, Only bounding box can be used in object detection dataset type.

Can bounding box be used in segmentation dataset?

No, Only polygon and AI assissted tools can be used in segmentation dataset type.

Can bounding box be displayed wihout labels?

Yes, bounding box can be displayed without labels. Can be done using the disable labels link.

What if I want the same image in the same dataset?

There is a possibe way to bring the same image in a dataset is you will have put the same image in two different collection and bring the image to this dataset.